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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oxygen or a Larger Bathroom

Oxygen or a Larger Bathroom

        What good is it to give me a larger bathroom if I am dying from a lack of Oxygen?  To Spend or not to spend that is the question.

       It has been hard to save for these last years of my life because every time I got a raise none of the money showed up in my take home pay even when I worked over time.  Because I worked in an effort to do it for myself I have always had just enough money to not qualify.  I have not even qualified to drawn one day of unemployment. I have had a bad habit of finding a job the day after I applied.  If I delayed in applying thinking what is the use because I could always find a job doing something, I could still not find a job until after I applied.

         When I had my triple heart bypass they stuffed paperwork in my face to get the government to pay them for my Medical Care. So here I am at last sponging off the government. I guess I should not have complained about my chest pains in the first place. The question I have now is "Am I being helped or not"? 

I Do Not Qualify for Supplemental Oxygen

         If I do not use oxygen with my C.P.A.P. I get chest pains.  In the wisdom of the federal government as a way to cut costs Medicare recipients must show an Oxygen saturation of 88%.  I get chest pains and my saturation only goes as low as 89%. It looks to me to have been a waste of a lot of money to have fixed me up in the first place, if I am now to sit around to die any way.

        I figure that, If this does not kill me something worse will. Laying around unable to get out of bed, with tubes stuck up every available orifice and places that are not built to have an orifice, in order to pumping  me full of pain medication, unless they are afraid I might become addicted to the pain medications in the last weeks of my life, in order for a bunch of doctors to get the government to pay money that the taxpayer can't afford is not my idea of a fun afternoon. They can let me die while I am feeling good but they can't help me die when things get worse.  Some system and this is all before the new rules for government run Obama-in-able care kicks in. They should change the "Not So Affordable Care Act" they now call "Oh-Bummer-care" to The U.S. Medical Luge. The difficult part of riding a Luge is after it crashes at the bottom of the hill trying to get to the top again to try again, that is if you can survive you first ride.

In My Accessible Apartment My Bathroom is Now to Small.

          There is Federal money available, however, to up grade my Accessible Apartment to the new guidelines on the size of the bathroom that is working well as it is.  During the renovations who is going to move me out?  Where are my wife and I to go.  To qualify for this federal subsidized up grade in federal standards in what is working, there will also come a further reduction in storage space like the small closet that is now used to store those three extra towels and a change of bed sheets.  I guess a towel rack in the bathroom and just one set of bed sheets should be enough. I guess they have to find the needed space somewhere for these new Accessible Apartment Standards since the old standards over looked the need for more space to turn around a wheelchair in the bathroom that is now just working fine.

Oxygen or a Larger Bathroom

         I can live without a larger bathroom but it is going to be hard to make it without enough oxygen.  Oh well, that is our wonderful bigger and bigger government for you.  Those who sign into law unread mandates they exempt themselves from can not fix the problems so what are the rest of us going to do. We all can not be friends of the president in order to get a waver. After All "IT IS THE LAW"

Edward Uncle Sam'sSon De Feller